Dental Implants

In the past, dental implants were only implanted by highly skilled oral surgeons.  Today, more and more practitioners are installing implants.  This is leading to a higher rate of surgical errors causing serious injuries in patients.

A dental implant is no easy task.  It is a very complex surgical procedure which requires special skill and training.  Further, the doctor must perform indepth and detailed planning prior to installing an implant.  This includes calculating a patients bone density, bone depth,  and bone quality.  The doctor should take detailed images, such as a CT or cone beam CT.  The doctor MUST have a 3D plan in place and should not rely on 2D imaging alone.

Failure to properly plan an implant can lead to serious and permanent nerve injury.  If you suffered a nerve injury from a dental implant and your doctor did not adequately prepare as described above, you should contact a qualified medical malpractice attorney.